The proven investment strategy that guides every step of our value-driven approach.

The current economic environment presents an ideal opportunity to acquire quality multifamily assets in highly desirable locations at discounts to replacement value, and at prices which are conservatively underwritten with realistic growth, occupancy, and income expectations. The Managers’ strategy is to acquire, manage, and operate stabilized multifamily assets that generate substantial and attractive cash flows.

Know Your Markets

We target domestic U.S. markets that have strong job growth, business-friendly policies, and diversified economies. We acquire well-located, off-market properties in good structural condition with value-add components. Our property locations are chosen in emerging markets that have strong sustained job growth projections.

Transform Properties

We typically purchase properties that are well below market value and implement our proven renovation and resident retention plans to transform a sputtering property into a stable, profitable asset. Following careful capital improvement plans, we create substantial value by increasing the net operating income of the property. We will also enhance the curb appeal of the property with a carefully chosen exterior and common area capital expenditure program.

Timely and Well-Executed Exits

We continually assess exit timing based on asset performance, economic and local market conditions, and the strength of prospective buyer demand. At the determined time of exit, the property will be listed at market value with a reputable broker. Upon sale, the original investment will be returned to our partners, as well as their share of the equity created after paying all existing financial obligations on the investment, such as the remaining loan balance and outstanding debts related to the property.

You Invest We Do the Rest

Be an investor, not a landlord and invest like a real estate pro! Individuals can now own a commercial real estate and build a diversified portfolio of apartment buildings in the top cash flowing markets around the U.S. Generate passive income while you relax!

Benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate

  • High ROI
  • Cash Flow
  • Equity Growth
  • Appreciation
  • Depreciation
  • Hassle Free – No Landlord Headaches
  • Diversification from the Stock Market

Until now Apartment building ownership has been out of reach to most investors

  • High down payments
  • High purchase prices
  • Not sure what or where to buy
  • Lack of experience and not getting lender approval
  • Market dominated by wealthy investors or investor funds
Do I qualify?