What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Admit your weaknesses and be willing to admit you need help! Successful entrepreneurship is based in the ability to build a high-performing collaborative team around you. Be a team builder. Whether you are looking to have a business partner, hire an employee, outsource or engage an independent contractor, being able to discern who the correct candidate is can make or break your business. A scalable business cannot grow and thrive in the solopreneur atmosphere.
I don’t believe in spending a ton of time improving your weaknesses. Instead, find someone who can do it better than you and take half the time and energy to get it done. Try to focus 75% of your time on the areas you enjoy and have a natural talent for. Not that great at creating budgets or financial statements? Then hire a qualified bookkeeper and CPA. Inevitably, building a high-performing team leads into effective time management. Time is our most precious resource, so use it wisely.

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