What’s the key to starting a business?

Realize you may fail. Let’s face it…the odds are not in your favor. Know this and be willing to take the leap anyhow. The most important key to starting a business is having a mindset that breeds success. This mindset is what will help you overcome the near back-breaking challenges and moments of sheer struggle when you’re ready to drop to your knees and quit. There is some truth to the statement “mind over matter.” Determination, focus, confidence and leadership skills are intangible assets that your startup capital cannot buy.  These key traits will help you overcome these odds and give you the edge.

How do you develop and sharpen this mindset? Invest in your personal development, not just your business. A quote that has fueled my quest for the past decade is from the great Jim Rohn: “Income seldom exceeds personal development.” Think of business development and personal development as two parallel train tracks that must be in alignment for you to move forward.

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